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Neal Sickles is an entrepreneur with a creative edge. He has played integral roles behind the scenes on films that have gone on to win prestigious awards around the world including the Audience Award for Best Documentary at Sundance Film Festival for “FUEL” and the Peabody Award for “BHUTTO.” He has also produced a number of television commercials that have been broadcast nationally on ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS and NBC.

With over a decade of professional experience in many aspects of film, video, internet and print production, Neal understands the creative process and is able to oversee and produce a project from concept to completion. He thoroughly enjoys working with businesses in a creative capacity and has made it his mission to make the world a better place by offering his services to those businesses that share a similar outlook on the world.



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Multimedia producer, Neal Sickles, is passionate about creativity and storytelling. His mission is to make the world a better place through his work with other businesses and projects that share the same goal.

iSickles Media Demo Reel

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In my 30 years of media production experience, I have worked with many excellent video and film professionals. I say honestly, Neal Sickles is one of the best editors I have worked with.  His professionalism, extra effort, creativity and expert knowledge of changing digital technology resulted in first-class productions for our Department.
Al Reyes | Division Chief | Child Support Services of Los Angeles

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Neal Sickles contributions were a key factor to our success as a start-up.  His skill set as a graphic designer, filmmaker, and marketing consultant wrapped in one were of tremendous value to our company.  His services essentially saved us the cost of hiring an employee and allowed our business to grow by double digits. 
Bruce Rosenberg | Chief Operating Officer |

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Neal brings a dynamic sense of creativity to his work flow, and more importantly, has the ability to collaborate with absolutely anyone. This is his greatest asset I believe, the most essential quality and reason why successful clients will decide to work with him and continue to want to work with him.
Kim Noonan | Filmmaker | Running Dragon Productions

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